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Get Fresh!

You could take your yoga mat outside, and do a regular kind of practice, but don't feel you need to be limited to a strip of non-slip plastic. Here are a few ways you can bring yoga into nature... and bring nature to your yoga. Simply being mindful you can bring all your senses alive. You could blend these ideas with your posture practice too.

  • Close your eyes and listen. Let sounds wash over you as they drift in and out of your awareness.

  • Get a fresh perspective. We're so used to seeing the world at standing or sitting height so stop as you're walking to look up or down. Or lie back and gaze at the clouds. Do they make shapes? Are they racing by quickly or drifting at a slow, lazy pace? Look at the view from the perspective of your down facing dog!

  • Take your shoes and socks off and give your feet a textured treat. Take a slow mindful walk along the grass (check the area first). Inhale as you peel one foot off the ground, exhale as you sink the foot heel to toe into the floor... and repeat. Putting your bare feet on the earth is said to 'ground' you and balance the electrical charge in your body - notice how you feel afterwards. Could that be true for you?

  • Challenge your balance. Stand on one leg. Play with dynamic, moving balances - warrior I into warrior III or swing your leg forwards and backwards. How do you arms help to counterbalance the movement?

  • Take your nose for a wander. Inhale lavender, mint, thyme, rosemary, sage, bay leaves or whatever fragrant plants you can discover. How do the scents make you feel? Do they transport you to a place or time?

  • Notice the flavour of a simple, seasonal food. Maybe the first juicy, British strawberry of the year? Or chilled cucumber slices in water? Do they take you on a journey too?

Add your own suggestions in the comments!

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