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Hello - pleased to meet you!

I teach an individual style of yoga with no single, rigid form. I'm inspired by Vanda Scaravelli who didn't start yoga until she was 40 and practised well into her nineties. She developed a new approach based on your experience of a posture rather than what it looks like from the outside. This 'somatic movement' means you move and breathe consciously with mindful awareness and intention. It’s about being kind to yourself and mindful in an accepting, patient and understanding way. This system of natural movement feels good and helps to release patterns of tension and habits of holding both in your body and your breath. Each practice focuses on following your own breathing to give your yoga a natural and unique rhythm.

You might be surprised to know that this approach is also very light-hearted and we have a good giggle as we practice – maybe not what you might expect in a yoga class!

There's no need to be young, or fit, or flexible, or thin (whatever facebook, youtube or instagram might lead you to believe). And there's no need to wear lycra. 

At its heart, the yoga I teach is practical. You'll learn techniques that are useful in your day-to-day life off the mat to ease away stress, anxiety and pain and become calmer, stronger and yes, more flexible if that's what you need. This yoga is  about you as a whole system.

Learn how to be curious about yourself and how you function best without judgement. Learn how to take yourself off 'autopilot' and make conscious choices to improve your mental and physical wellbeing rather than slipping into long-held patterns of moving, thinking and feeling.

If  you'd like to know more about what happens in a class, have a look at the 'what to expect' page which also includes frequently asked questions or get in touch to talk things over. 


After many years of my own practice, I spent three years - 500 hours - studying with the British Wheel of Yoga learning about postures, breathing, anatomy, physiology and the roots of yoga in philosophy. Followed by another year learning about integrating yoga practice into pregnancy, birth and motherhood. I travelled to India to experience yoga in its homeland. I am a teacher for the yoga for healthy lower backs programme which is backed by clinical research by the University of York and Arthritis UK. You can find out more about the programme from their yoga for backs website.

Every year I study to develop both my professional and my personal practice. As a minimum I have to show developmental study for 15 hours every year, but I love learning and I love yoga so every year since qualifying I have studied at least 20 hours. My most recent courses include Feldenkrais and somatics - types of natural movement therapy, practicing mindfulness and deepening awareness in postures.

I'm fully insured through the BWY and hold an enhanced disclosure for working with children as well as a current first aid certificate. I'm very happy to share my qualification and talk about my training and experience too. Yoga is such a personal practice, it's important to feel completely comfortable with your teacher and to find a style that suits your own particular needs.

Decorative Shape

Do not kill the instinct of the body for the glory of the pose

Vanda Scaravelli


Jayne's yoga classes are the best. Being encouraged to just be and do what feels right for you provides a caring and nurturing environment. I feel physically and mentally stronger.

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