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Burbage in Hinckley is a village in Leicestershire just a breath away from the Warwickshire border. I'm very lucky to use a hall on Mondays and Thursdays that's only a minute away from the roundabout where the M69 and A5 meet so it's really easy to find and very convenient. From that roundabout, take the road towards Burbage and it's just straight on and one right turn - it couldn't be much easier - but feel free to call or email me if you'd like directions or scroll down for a map. On Tuesdays the classes are just a couple of turns further onwards in Higham Way in Burbage - the map for those is below as well. Check the Yoga Classes page for full details including times and prices and what happens in a class.

The Burbage classes on Mondays and Thursdays at Sketchley Hill Primary School on Sketchley Road in Burbage - use LE10 2DY for your satnav, and on Tuesdays at Higham Way Baptist Church on Higham Way in Burbage use LE10 2PX for your satnav.


Sketchley Hill Primary School

Sketchley Road, Burbage, Hinckley Leicestershire
LE10 2DY

There is plenty of free, well lit parking in the school's car park and you can use any of the spaces. The yoga class is in the small hall. We use the side door to enter which is on the right hand side as you stand looking at the school with the road directly behind you. Look for the blackboard in the car park and the lotus flower posters on the door. Or follow the other yoga mats - they're a giveaway of where to go!


Higham Way Baptist Church

LE10 2PX

The hall is set back from the road, so you might see Higham House next door first which shares the entrance to the car park. You can use any of the spaces on the right hand side in front and behind the church. There's also a lot of easy parking spaces on the road outside. Use the glass doors at the front to enter. You'll know it's the right place from the lotus flower posters.


01455 631497

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