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Yoga Classes

Leave the outside world behind and rest in an oasis of calm

Yoga class lying on their back

Wellbeing Yoga

Relax & unwind
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
75 minutes

Wellbeing Yoga is a gentle, relaxing and restorative class to unwind tension and release stress. We take everything one step at a time so it's a great place to start for beginners. Learn yoga postures and stretches to release tension and gently build strength. Discover breathing practices to calm, relax and focus your mind. The class closes with a deep relaxation practice preparing you for a refreshing night's sleep. I adapt the practice to suit your own individual needs, making it's suitable for adults at any age or experience. This is a therapeutic yoga practice that can ease conditions like back pain, anxiety, arthritis and high blood pressure

Yoga Class laughing

Dynamic Flow Yoga

Energise & Strengthen
Tuesday, Thursday
75 Minutes

Dynamic Flow Yoga is a practice with deeper, flowing movements like sun salutations to strengthen, energise and uplift if you prefer a stronger yoga class. While this is a more energetic approach, there is still an emphasis on being mindful, taking time to move with deep awareness of your body and breath so that you practice in a way that is right for you. You are free to choose different options and rest at any point. We begin with restorative breathing and the class closes with a deep relaxation, allowing you to rest completely and soak up the benefits of your yoga practice.

Woman in swan posture at home

Zoom Wellbeing Yoga - Live stream online

Relax & Unwind
75 minutes

Find a space and roll out your mat for a gentle yoga class. Follow the step by step instructions to guide you through the practice and you'll hardly need to glance at the screen. The class ends with a calming breathing session and a deep relaxation practice. Beginners are very welcome. You don't need any special equipment - just access to the internet through a smart phone, tablet or computer. The session is recorded so if you miss a class, you can catch up over the following week.

Are you wondering what happens in class? Or what you'll need to bring? Of if it's ok that you've never, ever done anything like this before? Find out on the frequently asked questions page or drop me a line.

I’ve been using the breathing technique we did last week and found it helpful to get back to sleep.


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