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Yoga-ing on Zoom: How to Guide

Updated: May 7, 2022

What Is Zoom?

Zoom is a sort of online meeting room. Your link directs you to the right place for your meeting, just like following the signs to yoga class,

What Do I Need?

You need something that connects to the internet – smart phone, tablet, laptop, computer or a smart TV. I send the link to you by email, so you’ll need to access an email address so you can click on the link from there.

That’s it.

What Happens When I Click On The Link?

The first time you click a link to go to a Zoom meeting, Zoom will automatically download a piece of software. You only need to do that the first time. While it only takes a minute or two, it’s worth clicking the link a bit earlier than our session so you have time to set it up without feeling rushed.

Once you click the link you arrive in a ‘waiting room’. I can see you waiting on a list and I click to let you into the meeting. As well as sharing the link to the session by email rather than on my website or facebook, this is a way to keep the meeting private and keep out unwelcome visitors. I check people off against my booking list as you arrive which is why you need to let me know before you come along. I’ll also keep an eye on my emails and texts in case you’re having difficulties.

I set the meeting so that your video is on and your sound (audio) is mute when you join the meeting. You’ll be asked if you want to use your PC/phone/tablet audio – please click yes, and then you click to start your video. It’s not a big deal if you don’t use video, it just means that everyone will only see your name on a blank screen. You’ll still be able to see me.

I Can't See The Menu - Where Did It Go?

The menu disappears but it comes back as soon as you touch the screen/use the mouse. You can click on the microphone crossed through (means no mic or mute) if you’d like to talk and say hello. All optional. You can always wave if you have your video on instead :-)

Starting The Practice

When we start the practice everyone needs to be on mute again. It's fine if you sit or lie below the line of your camera. Everyone else has their eyes closed and is lying down too.

You're so tiny!

The default view is 'gallery' view where you see everyone in their own little square on a grid. It's nice for talking to everyone or waving hello and goodbye, but not great if you need to see what I'm doing. You can 'pin' my video which will make me the biggest video filling most of the screen. To do this, hover over my video and click the three dots for the menu. Select 'pin video' from the menu and I'm big in the middle. You do the same and select 'unpin video' to take the setting off. If you want to see the gallery again, you'll need to select this view from the screen options (it looks like a little grid).

Ending the session

At the end of the session I talk through sitting up and closing. You can stay lying down and relaxing. No need to move. That's the beauty of practicing at home!

How Do I Leave The Session?

To leave the meeting, wiggle your mouse, or touch the screen and look for the ‘leave meeting’ button. You can just close the Zoom screen, that works too.

I aim to save and share the recorded breathing and relaxation practice audio, but not the video or you saying ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’. Once you have a play, it’s much easier than it sounds. Look forward to seeing you there Jx

If you fancy coming along to a session, just fill out the contact form

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