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Leg Power Boosts Brain Power!

Did you know that strength of your legs predicts the health of your brain better than any other lifestyle factor? New research shows that using the legs, particularly in weight-bearing exercise, sends signals to the brain that are vital for the production of healthy brain cells.

Power up step-by-step

Yoga is a great way to build up leg strength and walking every day makes a huge difference too. If you’d like to get the most benefit from your daily constitutional, I’ve written a whole blog on functional walking.

Every day moves for stronger legs

We are so good at conserving energy that you probably don’t even notice the little things you’re doing every day to avoid using those big, powerful muscles of your legs in the way you’re meant to. Stop outsourcing your leg strength to your arms and the furniture!

Change the way you already move to build your leg power…

  • Walk down stairs without leaning on the handrail. If you can safely don’t touch the handrail at all.

  • Stand up from your chair without putting down your hands. Ideally get up by pressing down in your feet and not by swinging your weight forward.

  • Get down to the floor and back up every day if you can. Use as little support or help as possible. Don’t lean on a chair seat. Don’t use your hands on the floor.

  • This one is for internal strength rather than just legs. Sit every day without leaning into the back of a chair – use a stool, a gym ball or sit on the floor.

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