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Yoga Classes Return
27th July 2020

I'm excited to announce that yoga classes will open on Monday 27th July at Higham Way Baptist Church in Burbage. 

27th July to 20th August

Monday 6.30pm and 8pm

Thursday 6.30pm and 8pm

Booking link has been emailed to all students - get in touch if you haven't received it

Tuesday Zoom class as usual 8pm and 9pm 

Read the new guidance for a safe return to yoga class


Yoga Classes, Events & Workshops


Yoga classes for you whatever your age, shape, flexibility or experience. If you're thinking of trying yoga for the first time, there's no need to be shy. Lots of people come on their own and make new friends when they arrive. There's a warm and friendly welcome waiting for you!

Yoga on Zoom (Online)

Join me for an hour of yoga postures at 8pm and/or half an hour breathing practice and deep relaxation from 9pm, streamed live every Tuesday on Zoom. As you'll be practising at home, you can sink into all the pillows and blankets you need. No yoga experience required. You just need a smart phone, tablet or computer to connect to the session.

Wellbeing Yoga

A one and a half hour class to relieve stress, ease away joint pain and tension, and help you unwind with gentle yoga postures, breathing practices and deep relaxation. This type of yoga is often known as hatha yoga. It's a fabulous way to relax away anxiety, tension and back pain, and gently uplift you if you're feeling down.

Wellbeing Yoga Basics

This is a hatha yoga class which is very similar to Wellbeing Yoga. It's just a little shorter with fewer postures. The one hour session covers foundation yoga postures, the basics of yoga breathing and of course ends with a calming and soothing deep relaxation practice. It's a gentle introduction and a good starting point if you're new to yoga

Dynamic Flow Yoga

Practice deeper, flowing movements like sun salutations to strengthen, energise and uplift if you prefer a stronger yoga session. While this is a more energetic approach, there is still an emphasis being mindful, taking time to move with deep awareness of your body and breath so that you practice in a way that is right for you. You are free to choose different options and rest at any point.

Yoga to Prepare for Birth

Discover simple, practical yoga and hypnobirthing techniques that work with your body and hormones to ease you more comfortably and gently through labour and birth. By understanding the principles behind birthing, you'll have the freedom to 'freestyle' your way to your most positive birth experience. (I also teach a private session to position babies and encourage breech baby to turn.)

Workshops & Events

This space is reserved for Yoga workshops and events that will be coming very soon.



Jayne is lovely! I felt really welcome and at ease. There is no pressure to do anything you can’t do physically, it’s enough to just be there and relax. Lots of gentle encouragement and a sense of fun - which really helps! The rest of the group was very friendly too. The actual class was a gentle Wellbeing Yoga beginners class and it was spot on, I came away feeling wonderful. Really looking forward to next week. Thank you!


Fill in the form to get in touch about yoga classes, workshops, pregnancy yoga and birth preparation. Look forward to hearing from you!

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"Yoga isn't about creating another set of unreasonable expectations in your life but about meeting yourself exactly where you are today."

Anna Guest-Jelley

British Wheel of Yoga 500 hour Teacher

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