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Yoga Booking Terms and Conditions

Yoga Classes, Workshops and Events

Shanti Spirit is a small business so I can’t usually offer refunds or transfers. When you make a booking, you’re entering a contract which follows these terms and conditions. Also, because this is a small business, if you’re ever in difficulty or need to resolve something – please just get in touch and I’ll do what I can to find a solution.


I am very fortunate to have a lovely community of students to share yoga with each week. These are just a few guidelines to keep everyone safe and experience an enjoyable yoga practice.

Please wear something appropriate that’s comfortable to move around. You might want to experiment before class, especially bending forwards or lying down to work out how to secure baggy t-shirts or shorts to spare your blushes!

Before your first class I’ll have chat with you about your health to understand what yoga will be appropriate for you and what may need to be adjusted or avoided. This might be done over the phone, by video call or in class.

Do your best to arrive on time and if you are a little late, come in quietly to the room without disturbing the class. You might want to wait till there’s a natural space in the practice.

Where I ask for payment in advance for classes, this payment is not refundable.

Follow the Covid19 safe yoga guidelines to protect yourself and your fellow students in class.

If there is a lockdown that prevents the class from going ahead at the scheduled time, then I will carry forward pre-paid classes for the lockdown period until I can re-open again. 

Term bookings

A term is usually a ten week block. When you pay in advance for a lesson on the same day in a ten week block, you receive a discount. There is usually a bigger, earlybird discount for paying before a specified date and a smaller discount for paying after that date and up to 24 hours before the term begins.

If you miss your usual class, then you are welcome to book into another class to make it up so long as there is space for you in that class and it’s still within the same ten week term block. There is no refund for any classes that you miss in the term. If you only miss a couple, then the term block will still be cheaper than pay as you go rates.

Private Yoga sessions

You must pay for private sessions in full when you book. Cancellations must be made in writing (email is fine) at least 48 hours before the session, to receive a refund.

Workshops and Events

Payment for events must be made when you book to secure your place. If you cancel more than 2 days before the event, then you will receive a full refund minus £5 administration fee. If the cancellation is less than 2 days before the workshop then there is no refund, credit or alternative. You may be able to send a substitute in your place, but please check with me first.

Weekends and Retreats

A deposit is required to book your place and this is not refundable. Please make any cancellation in writing. If you cancel more than 60 days before the event you’ll receive a full refund minus your deposit.  If you’re cancelling 60 days or less before the event then there will be no refund, credit or exchange. Any outstanding payment is due if you cancel 60 days or less before the start date of the event. You might be able to send a substitute in your place, but please check with me first.

Cancellation of Event

If I have to cancel an event then I will make a full refund, or you can choose to transfer your payment to a new class, course or event.

If there are unforeseen circumstances leading to events, classes or courses being cancelled then no refunds will be made, but I will make every effort to make an alternative available to you – for example a remote class. Examples of this kind of cancellation would be severe weather, terrorism, disease epidemics, government action, natural disaster, war, strike or a third party like a venue not providing their services.

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