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Covid19 Guidance for Yoga Students

For a safe return to yoga class

It's my priority for you to be safe, comfortable and confident about returning to yoga class when you're ready. The measures below follow the latest government guidance and have been verified by the yoga governing body, BWY and by the health & safety manager at each venue I use. Please do get in touch if you have any questions or would like more information.

The Guidelines

If you are feeling ill, please do not come to class. As a reminder, the NHS specifies the symptoms of coronavirus COVID-19 to be high temperature, new continuous cough and a loss of your sense of taste and smell.

Wherever possible, please bring your own yoga kit with you as it will be difficult to sanitise yoga equipment.This does not need to be expensive or yoga-specific. You can use a cheap foam camping mat, or a bath or beach towel (on carpet not for a slippy floor). Bring your own pillow. Any blanket or warm layer will work perfectly. I can also source cheaper equipment with my teacher discount, but the cheapest mats I found are at Argos. If you’re having difficulties, I have older mats and foam blocks that you can borrow long term or buy very cheaply. I don’t want anyone to miss their practice for lack of funds or equipment.

Please come to class just 5 minutes before it begins. There will be 15 minutes between each class and I will make sure the earlier class have left the building before the later class arrive to enter. (In winter, if you’re walking to the class, we’ll work on a plan for somewhere you can wait away from the class that’s leaving. We’ll meet that when we get to it!)

You’ll need to stay socially distanced at 2m apart.  Please leave space if you’re queuing to get into the hall. I will mark out where each mat goes to make sure you’re spaced apart.

Places in each class will be limited to make sure that we can stay socially distanced.

Summer classes are pay as you go, but this time, you’ll need to book your class each week, either online at my website or by calling me on 01455 631497. It’s fine to leave a message, I’ll pick them up regularly.

For the autumn term you can book and pay for your term block as you do normally.  If you want to come to another class or come as a pay as you go student, you will need to book your space each time.

Make sure that I have your up to date contact details in the unlikely event that there’s a positive COVID case and we need to use it to let you know (track and trace).

If you can, please pay for your class in advance by paypal or bank transfer. Again, I don’t want anyone to miss out on yoga if that kind of payment isn’t possible. If you bring cash, do your best to have the correct money or you can bring an envelope for your change.

Face masks are not required or advised for physical activity. If you feel you would like to wear one though, you are very welcome to.

I do have a microphone and speaker for the winter if  I find I need to raise my voice but that is not usually the case.

I’ll wipe over door handles, money box and other surfaces between classes.

Wherever possible I’ll chat to new students about their health and needs over the phone or by video call before they come along. I’ll have a mask available to chat with you in class if that’s not possible first.

Some of our practices won’t be appropriate for the time being. We won’t be doing anything with forced exhales or singing.

Toilets will be open for one person at a time.

It’ll be tempting to catch up with old friends - please remember social distancing and do this outside of class.

As always, please wash your hands on arrival and at any time you feel you need to. There’s plenty of soap and water at all the venues, or you can use hand sanitiser if you prefer. Remember you need to sing ‘happy birthday’ silently to yourself twice!

I’ll update these guidelines as advice changes. I’ll let you know whenever that happens.

Thank you so much for supporting our yoga community. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again soon! 

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